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Topknot Magazine

Master project in collaboration with Tina Tenkmann.

Topknot Magazine is dedicated to modern women of design, art, fashion, architecture & culture. Women with aspiration. For their career, their passion, their children and sometimes all at the same time. We portrait female icons, entrepreneurs and simply women who we look up to and whose work we admire. You can see this magazine as the compendium of a research process which analyses where women stand right now. At the same time we want to encourage women to dream big and think outside of gender stereotypes. Our goal is to reach as high as humanly possible.

Highlow Magazine

Bachelor Project

The Highlow Magazine is my BA Project at Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences supervised by Professor Laurent Lacour and Professor Victor Malsy in 2012. Its a Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine for California Teens, Bohemian Lovers and Modern Vintage Souls. The main idea was to elicit the photographers out of the shadow of their own work as well as to present many interviews with inspirating people of the creative industry. On over 300 pages, next to the multiplicity of natural and authentic fashion editorials, you can also find a wonderful home story, exclusive model polaroids such as streetstyle photography and so much more. 

Curt Mast (Jägermeister) Bookcover Design

Bookcover Design for the biography of Curt Mast, the founder of Jägermeister.   

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